Arise Yah’s Hidden Ones
Psalms 68:4 ; 83:3 – HalleluYah


Shabbat Service:

Every Saturday at 3:00 pm

About Us

Here at Yah’s Hidden Ones, we believe Yah is calling for disciples to go forth and tell people the truth knowing that truth is not always popular. We desire to equip disciples to learn the Word, be priest in their homes, and to bring the Word as it is written to others. The scripture defines this time of people being sleep, but we desire to teach His Word to those being awaken. We aim to be the light for those that are being awaken to the truth, explaining our assignment to be the light unto the nations.

We teach in love to all with the desire that we are to confess our sins and repent so we can have an opportunity of everlasting life in His kingdom. We do not teach a pleasing doctrine with no conviction. We teach about judgement and the soon coming of Yahushua our King.

If you desire to learn more about Scriptures, we welcome you to join us for Sabbath study as we dive into the word together.